Seeds for Snapper - Marine Ecosystems Cruise

Fra AUD A$ 89,00
  • Varighet: 2 Timer (ca.)
  • Lokasjon: North Haven, SA
  • Produktkode: PXVAQR

More than 6,000 hectares of seagrass meadows have been lost from Adelaide’s coastline, causing a hugely detrimental impact on local native fish populations. As well as providing an important habitat for fish, seagrasses also help to stabilise soil and sediment on the ocean floor, helping to protect Australia’s shorelines from erosion and storms.  

That’s why OzFish is giving the environment a helping hand to ensure seagrass seeds get to the right places and have the best chance of taking root and growing. This help will speed up the restoration of seagrass meadows and ensure its where they’re needed. 

This feature sail event will focus on the seeds being returned to the needed seedgrass meadows in our local waters off North Haven. Get on board to learn about this unique program called "Seeds for Snapper".

You can find out more about this program from OzFish and Seeds for Snapper.

Depending on which cruise you book there will be either Morning tea or Afternoon Tea included in your ticket.

Photos and footage from Ozfish SA and Matt Welsby Photography


Minimum Event Age: 6 years. All children under 18 years must been accompanied by an adult

Included: Morning or Afternoon Tea (tea, coffee, chilled soft drink and water, small cakes/ muffins)

What to wear: Please wear sensible footwear, preferable flat soled closed shoes. Recommend a windproof jacket & hat. Stilettos and sharp-heeled shoes strictly prohibited.

Session Times: 1.00pm

Be ready for departure: 30mins before session start time

Cruise duration: 2 hours, allow approx 15mins to disembark ship after arrival

Where to meet ship: Cruising Yacht Club SA, Marina west Pontoons, North Haven

Access to the ship: Boarding the ship is via gangway and ladder. The ship is traditional built so lifts, ramps or disabled access are not available. Foot coamings must be negotiated to enter the saloon and ladder to lower areas for bathrooms.


  • Smoking near or on board the ship strictly prohibited, this includes e-cigarettes.
  • No alcohol can be brought or consumed on the ship.     
  • We ask all passengers to comply to the guidelines of social distancing, wellness to attend event, and hygiene.
  • Please take the time to carefully read through the terms and conditions prior to purchasing a ticket. Terms and conditions are available at checkout.